Vertical Blinds

vertical“Vertical blinds are an easy way of shading windows, especially patio doors and can even be used for sloping glazing.”

Vertical blinds consist of strips of specially stiffened fabric or other materials that are suspended from an aluminium track, we supply these with weights and chains at the base.

The louvres of the blinds can be tilted to control light entering the room or can be fully closed for privacy. Because of the level of control and flexibility in style this often makes a popular choice.

The simple operation consists of a cord to open and close the louvers, using a chain to give the tilt functionality. Alternatively we can supply a wand for child safety aspects that is attached to the first louver enabling you to push or pull the blind into place.

Vertical blinds can be used for all sizes of windows but are ideal for large glazing, patio doors or due to their flexibility can also be used in commercial environments. They can also be used to shade sloping glazing as the louvres can be sized to suit the slope.

The louvres we supply can be in either 89mm (3.5″) or 127mm (5″) widths and are available in a large range of fabrics including plains, prints, jacquard and heat reflective materials.

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