Roman Blinds

gallery-fabricbox-romans-07 - Copy“A Roman Blind combines the functionality of a window shade with the decorative impact of a soft furnishing.”

Roman blinds are window blinds made from fabric which is designed to fold into pleats when the blinds are raised.

Roman blinds are constructed by taking a solid fabric panel and mounting slats into the back of it. The slats are connected to cords which will pull the slats together when the blind is raised, forcing the fabric to fold into pleats. Flat Roman blinds lie flat when they are fully lowered, while hobbled Roman blinds are designed with excess fabric so that they overlap when closed. Also known as teardrop Roman blinds, the hobbled design creates a softened pleated effect which can also add to the insulating properties of the blinds when they are closed.

The fabric used for Roman blinds can vary considerably. Textiles like silk, hemp, cotton, and linen are all common, and synthetics may be used as well. At Blind Date Blinds we make our blinds with liners wghich add insulation and block light, we also offer Roman Blinds without backing should you require it, this gives the blind a lighter feel and depending on the fabric will allow a percentage of light through.

When purchasing Roman blinds, you want to think about the color or pattern of the fabric, the texture of the fabric, and issues such as UV resistance, washability, and level of opacity. However you can speak to a member of the team who will be able to help you choose the right one.

These blinds can be designed to fit inside or over a window frame, depending on personal taste.



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