Pleated Blinds

pleated3“Pleated blinds are the most popular form of shading for conservatories as their unique construction makes them ideal for shaped blinds and when not required they fold right up out of the way.”

Blinds are a proven way of keeping a conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and pleated blinds are an ideal solution.

The fabric of the blind is usually in 20mm or 25mm pleats and when the blind is retracted the fabric folds up into a neat stack out of the way. The fabric is attached to aluminium rails and a range of operating options is available. For window blinds the most popular method is a “cordless” or tensioned system where the blind is simply pushed or pulled into position without the need for operating cords. This type of blind can be made to pull up from the cill or even free floating so you can move the blind to any position over the glazing. As these blinds are held under light tension they are ideal for use on opening windows. As pleated blinds are fitted close to the glazing you can still use your window cill.

For roof blinds the pleated fabric provides strength so it can be cut to suit the shaped glazing in many conservatories. In this situation the blinds tend to be operated by a telescopic rod.

We have a large range of fabrics available, many have heat reflecting coatings.