Processing & Laminating



“Why should you have to decide on a specific fabric? You shouldn’t, thats why we specialize in process & laminate, choose your own fabric to match your own decor and be as unique as you would like”

Although the choice of Fabrics is endless, we understand that sometimes you can’t quite find that perfect match for your decor. We use techniques called Process & Laminating to create beautifull blinds out of your own fabrics. Below we will explain how we go about this;


When we process a fabric we will coat it in our soloution, this is the absorbed by the cotton fibres within the fabric. Then we leave the fabric to dry causing the fabric to stiffen. Once the fabric is stiffened we are the able to cut your fabric to size. Finally we side hem the fabric, this prevents fraying.


We have to Laminate specific fabrics, this can include fabrics that have been treated with a stain repellant such as Scotchguard or if the fabrc has been coated in a fire retardant. Laminating is a shorter process as we do not have to allow for drying time but still has fantastic results. First of all we will bond the fabric to a stiffened backing, we will then cut the fabric to size and overlock so that the fabric does not fray.

To speak with somebody further about this please contact us, for companies that are looking to offer this service again please do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss this further with you.

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