“Conservatory blinds help to reduce solar gain, gla6f2268bd1d3d3ebaabb04d6b5d099425_cimg0887_(600_x_450)re and UV, as well as improving privacy and insulation against heat loss when it is colder”

We supply many different types of blinds that can be used in your conservatory such as;

Pleated Blinds
Roller Blinds
Vertical Blinds
Venetian Blinds

The choice will vary in suitability and effectiveness depending on the conservatory, size, aspect, glazing and your own use.

Conservatories, even those made to standard sizes, are rarely built exactly alike and so all blinds need to be made to measure. Conservatory blinds also need to resist heat and UV without degrading, so make sure that you contact our office to discuss your options with a professional.

aa942ab2bfa6ebda4840e7360ce6e7ef_blinds_090Many fabrics have a solar reflective coating that reflects heat and UV, as well as absorbing and filtering the sun’s energy. Fabrics also have varying opacities (the amount of visible light that passes through) so that you can choose from blackout, dim-out, and even translucent fabrics depending on your conservatory and adjoining rooms.

Blinds not only create shade, but can also provide a much more welcoming appearance and atmosphere by softening the environment, reducing reverberation from all the hard glass surfaces and creating the feeling of security, especially at night when the glass acts like a mirror.

Blinds can stop UV from fading your furniture and flooring.