3“Folding arm awnings are probably the most popular form of awning system for homes, offering a shady haven to enjoy and to entertain. Easy and quick to extend and retract and available in a wide range of colours, styles and options”

Folding-arm awnings operate by spring or gas piston arms folding out from the wall to extend the awning, whilst keeping the fabric under tension. When retracted into the fully closed position, they take up a small amount of space. These can be encased with several options; non-cassette, semi-cassette or within a full-cassette housing to neatly conceal the arms and fabric when not required.

Most folding-arm awning fabrics are acrylic and resistant to UV, water, mould and dirt by the application of various coatings. There is an extensive range of colours and patterns and a BBSA member will be able to help with your choice.

Operating a folding-arm awning is easy. They can be manually operated by a winding handle fitted to a gearbox on either side, but automation makes it simple. Just the push of a button will extend or retract your awning when needed and with automation you can add a sun and wind sensor to make the operation of your awning automatic. A sun sensor can automatically extend the patio awning to protect your home, keeping rooms cool. The wind sensor retracts the patio awning automatically, if the wind is too strong. This ensures that the awning and fabric will last longer.

We supply and install a large range of Folding Arm Awnings.

Folding-arm awnings are also known as: Patio Awnings, Sun Awnings, Garden Awnings and Retractable Awnings.